Hexion's Versatic™ Acid 10

Posted by Ted McClure on Jun 6, 2018 9:15:00 AM

Versatic™ Acid 10, also known as neodecanoic acid, is a versatile, multi-purpose saturated carboxylic acid, used in a variety of applications due to its unique structure and properties. Versatic Acid 10 is used widely in metalworking fluids, and as a corrosion inhibitor in other aqueous recirculating systems, such as engine coolants/antifreeze. Versatic Acid 10 can be used in place of or in conjunction with dodecanedioic, sebacic or isononanoic acid in numerous applications.
The compact hydrophobic chain provides Versatic Acid 10 with excellent solubility in non-polar oils and solvents, providing lubricating and corrosion preventative properties. When neutralized, salts of Versatic Acid 10 are easily soluble in water, providing these same benefits in water.

Versatic Acid 10 is used in metalworking fluids, from straight oils through full water-based synthetics, as a multi-functional additive. In water-based systems, it is a cost-effective carboxylate rust inhibitor with very good hard water stability and low foaming tendency. The highly branched structure gives Versatic acid 10 very good bio-resistance. These features make it an ideal component for low foam, long-life water-based metalworking fluids, particularly those intended for use with cast aluminum alloys containing magnesium. In emulsifiable oils and semi-synthetic fluids, it can also serve as an effective coupler, bridging the organic and water phases.

Versatic Acid 10 is a multi-functional solution for many formulation challenges, particularly in long-life, low-foam metalworking fluids. Consult your Sea-Land Account Manager for support in taking advantage of the many useful attributes of this material in your formulations.

Versatic™ is a trademark of Hexion Inc

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