6 Technologies for Formulating Better Metal Protection Products

Posted by Scot Wahl on Feb 27, 2019 9:06:14 PM

Lockhart Chemical Company, since 1982, has been manufacturing additives which provide superior protection solutions for formulators of functional fluids and coatings. Below are six technologies to help you create higher quality products for metal protection and metalworking applications.

Sulfonate Chemistry

  • Counter Rust™ Calcium/Barium Sulfonates
    • Natural and synthetic
    • Neutral to highly overbased

Emulsifier Packages

  • EZ Mulz™
    • Naphthenic and Paraffinic Oil Emulsifier Bases
    • Natural and synthetic sulfonate based packages
    • Sulfonate free bases
    • Hard water tolerant
    • In-process corrosion protection
    • Compatible with EP/AW additives

Oxidate Chemistry

  • Counter Rust™
    • Oxidized waxes and petrolatums
    • Methyl and butyl esters of oxidized waxes
    • Calcium soaps of oxidized waxes with 55% and 70% solids

Rust Preventives

  • Counter Rust™
    • Oil and Solvent Soluble
    • Compatible with naphthenic oil, paraffinic oil, mineral spirit, high flash solvents
    • Water displacing, low temperature stability
    • Light color, low odor versions
    • Humidity, salt fog, acid atmosphere protection
    • Water Soluble and Emulsifiable
    • Barium and barium free
    • Non-staining

Gelled Calcium Sulfonates

  • Sulfogel™
    • Overbased calcium sulfonates, thixotropic
    • Permanent or temporary preventive coatings
    • Mineral oil, mineral spirit, water, vegetable oil carriers

Metalworking Additives

  • Coolsurf™
    • Alkanolamides
    • Counter Rust™
    • Amine borates and carboxylates
    • Lubristay™
    • Lubricity and extreme pressure

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